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We take playing seriously.

At the Blacksburg Children's Museum we take playing seriously because the benefits of playing can last a lifetime.  In addition to fun, there is an opportunity to learn.  Playing creates physical, cognitive, and emotional opportunities and experiences that help to shape a child’s personality. 

As a learning playground, the Blacksburg Children's Museum is devoted to nurturing the curiosity and creativity of children through the exploration of science, technology, the arts, and regional heritage. 


Children learn through play.

If you look closely, behind their looks of wonder or pure expressions of joy, you'll notice that playing helps children make sense of the world around them. Playing enables children to explore spatial relationships, refine motor capabilities, practice communication skills and language, think creatively, and use their senses understand their surroundings. In other words, we encourage learning through playing.

But hold on! There is another important benefit we have not mentioned. Playing is also important because it involves YOU.  As the parent, teacher, friend, or relative, the greatest reward a child experiences and remembers may be the time spent creating, problem solving, and learning with you.  

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